Now? At the beginning of the new year? When is the best time?

It is often obvious that after the pre-Christmas period, which was marked by freshly baked cookies and other treats, then followed by the traditional Christmas dinner (which this year was perhaps less sociable but certainly had nothing to do with a light diet), one longs for a diet, good intentions or even a complete detox program.

Stop, it’s not time yet!

According to the Ayurvedic calendar, late winter began on December 22. But what does that mean for us? Our body, which has been properly busy since autumn to get the metabolism and our body heat going, managed to arrive in winter around Christmas time. For me personally, this “arrival” means that after about two months I have made peace with the season, which I usually just like when it’s sunny and preferably with a bit of snow.

The ayurvedic winter

Ayurvedic winter is dominated by the Dosha Vata. Light, in motion, cold and changeable. In the pre-Christmas and year-end period, we often notice at work that everything is flying off the rails and no matter how you tackle it, the year-end stress (stress = the Vata dosha is out of balance) always comes somehow.

after Christmas, silence can settle in and we recollect ourselves. Anyway, for most of us the vacation between the years or in January is cancelled. This is an opportunity!

Your chance to find some peace

Following nature, our body goes into “energy saving mode” around Christmas time. Our metabolism tends to slow down and the body stores or builds up to protect us through the yet longer winter and from depletion. Sure, we have a roof over our heads, a heating system and warm clothes to wear. Nevertheless, this natural protection is active within us. Regular sleep and rest (in moderation) also strengthen our immune system and it is protecting.

And as for my New Year’s resolutions?

Did you want to ” get rid of the holiday pounds”, mutate into a high performance athlete or change your diet rigorously?

Definitely, you need to do something good for yourself in January. It is always a good idea to draw a line under the whole pre-Christmas indulgence, perhaps giving up sweets or alcohol altogether. Strengthen yourself and your immune system (not only in the COVID year) with a balanced diet, rest and some exercise.

Eat warm with warming spices

You don’t need to let the cloves, cinnamon and ginger from your Christmas kitchen go into exile just yet. They keep you warm, stimulate your metabolism and also strengthen your immunity. The beloved ginger tea a must, even in January! Spices such as pepper, turmeric, bay leaves or cooked garlic are also tasty and beneficial.

Look to avoid cold foods and drinks and nourish yourself with warm and lightly oily foods. Oily doesn’t always mean that the food has to be soaking in butter. Nuts or almonds have a natural oil content and are good for us.

By the way, honey can help you perfectly with “sweet addiction”. Place the glass in a dominant position. Try a little spoonful with honey when the craving for something sweet hits. Warm water with honey and a squeeze of lemon is also delicious and boosts the metabolism.

Finding visions and ideas in calmness

Maybe you take advantage of the time between the years and your desire to start with something new for an introduction to meditation. For that, you don’t have to sit for hours with your legs asleep and uncomfortable on the floor waiting for enlightenment.

Find an undisturbed place, sit upright, close your eyes and follow your breath with your conscious mind. Or maybe you have some beautiful instrumental music that you can fully focus on. Try 5 to 10 minutes a day and preferably at the same time.

After that you can take some time to brood and let your thoughts circle. Morning at dusk is a good time to do this.

Prepare your takeoff

You can also start now to “establish a suitable time frame” for you, with a walk once a week, for example. As winter slowly fades, the approaching spring gives us more energy, you can then use this period of time for more active sports or programs.

Did you want to fast, detox or lose a few pounds right away in the New Year? Your body will be ready to cleanse itself and let go at the traditional fasting time (after Carnival, before Easter), when nature will soon wake up. You can use the time now to prepare your personal program or perhaps find fellow participants.

Chill! Now!

Eat well: cook fresh regional and seasonal with stimulating spices for a good digestion. Move moderately or at your usual athletic rhythm. Take time for yourself, make plans or dream.


Stay healthy and happy! Yours Ariane