Healthy does not always has to be complicated nor expensive. Sometimes very simple ingredients with a huge effect are already enough. When we think of ginger, we often think of its pungent and perspiration-inducing taste. But the “wonder tuber” can do much more. Its bitter substances and essential oils also give our metabolism a good boost. And especially in the cold season or the transition from warm to cold, we can support our body very well with this extra fire. When “our fire” burns, we not only feel warm, but also eliminate metabolic toxins (Ayurvedic: Ama). It also helps to purify the one or other of the little fat pads. Our muscles and tissues become more relaxed with this process, which not only gives competitive athletes and yogis more satisfaction. During the cold season it strengthens us and once it is too late, ginger helps us to relieve colds and coughs. Not only the wise writings of Ayurveda know about the good deeds of ginger. I myself have had good experiences with upset stomachs or nausea. Especially on journeys and when necessary, it brings a boost to the digestion. But the “pungent tuber” can do much more: blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as blood clotting and the risk of heart attacks can be reduced. Even though I am quite often a fiery creature myself, in autumn and winter my inner fire is not enough for me and I am depending on external sources, such as ginger tea. With one litre a day (drink mainly in the morning and then until 4 p.m. at the very latest) I notice with myself and others how we feel more energy and vitality. I also like to think back to a former yoga student of mine who regularly suffered from colds & co. After I recommended ginger tea to him and he regularly drank it, he almost became a different person – without illness, with a lot of joie de vivre. Take a litre of water and boil it with about 20 grams of sliced ginger. Let it simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes. Done. Put it in a thermos flask and drink it throughout the day – every day. If you have a cold, you can modify this recipe by adding a few peppercorns, cloves and some brown sugar. A little bit of variety and a treat for your liver; give ¼ a teaspoon of turmeric and before drinking it, taste it with lemon juice and brown sugar. In China, ginger was traditionally boiled with water and brown sugar for about 30 minutes and the sweet and spicy tea warded off the oncoming colds.