Cold feet, confused head and stiff back. Now is the time to bring more warmth into your life! From an Ayurvedic point of view, this may be accompanied by a gentle Pitta fire.

Outside it is cold, the days are shorter and often grey.

This can be quite a challenge for your body and also for your psyche. Every person reacts differently depending on their individual constitution and predisposition. This can be quite a burden for your body and also for your psyche. Depending on your individual nature and disposition, every person reacts differently. One person notices it on a dryer skin, another person has a lighter sleep than usual and yet another person feels stiff in the bones and awkward.

Pitta types withstand the cold

While the fiery Pitta in us sometimes gets a crisis because the rooms are overheated, Vata hasn’t been able to leave the house without hat, gloves and scarf for a long time and Kapha-dominated people prefer not to leave their comfortable homes at all.

Advent is Ayurveda!

Yes, Santa Claus, the Christ Child, the Christmas Elves, simply everyone who celebrates the Advent and Christmas season does Ayurveda! “What? How does it work?” Very simple, because one of the basic principles in Ayurveda is that we live in balance with our environment, with our surroundings and with all basic conditions. If it is cold and frosty outside, we warm ourselves.

Bring fire and colors into your life!

Have a look around during your Advent rituals! Delicious spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, which warm our body and do our psyche good, are again at the front of the spice rack and find their way into delicious cakes, pastries or drinks. We defy the winter gray with festive colors and start to decorate our home for Christmas. Santas, elves and gnomes wear red or other bright colors that have a positive effect on our mood. 

Red makes you warm!

Ayurveda also knows about the properties of colors and how we can influence health and happiness with them.

Red not only warms but also stimulates our blood circulation, gives energy and gives our skin a healthy touch. Orange is also warming and healing and just like red and orange, yellow balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.

You don’t have to be like Santa Claus and wear a red suit with a bobble hat, but maybe you will find a spot of color or something nice in pastel in your closet with which you can spread good mood, energy and warmth for yourself and for the people around you.

Ayurveda loves your golden ornaments on the Christmas tree.

In Ayurveda one also uses the healing power of metals and precious stones. In Ayurveda medicine there are therapies with gold water or gold rice. Dear reader, do you still need Ayurvedic inspiration for your loved ones? Wearing gold jewelry has strengthening and warming properties. Among the precious stones, it is the ruby, which can balance especially the Vata and Kapha, with a ring or necklace – in us.

Candle light in advent.

So light on the candles and listen to Christmas music. Enjoy your spiced punch or cookies. This is Ayurveda as it fits into our Advent season and with its Christmassy colors, scents and tastes positively influences our body, mood and psyche. 

I wish you a beautiful, relaxed and peaceful Christmas time!