People suffering from allergies are not having an easy time these days.

We are looking forward to the first warm sunshine, the great weather and the reawakening of nature… and then this! Pollen! Running nose, itchy eyes…

From an Ayurvedic point of view, Ama (metabolic wastes) and a weak digestive fire can have a big impact. In addition, there may also be a genetic tendency.

Have you just caught it or are you uncomfortable about the coming pollen season?

The following may help you to keep the symptoms mild.

Cleaning your nose with a neti pot and some salt removes dust and pollen and helps you breathe easy. You can do this in the morning and in the evening. Afterwards, and especially when you go outside to enjoy nature, rub some pure oil into your nose and on to your nasal mucosa. That gives a protective layer.

As now is the best time for a little spring cleanse anyway, try to avoid anything that can affect your Agni (digestive fire). This includes, for example, cold and heavy food and drinks. Instead, prefer light and warm food that is easy to digest. Pay special attention to your Kapha dosha and balance it with a light diet (barley, millet or corn instead of wheat and spelt; buttermilk instead of milk; forest honey instead of nougat cream; lots of warm vegetables pureed as soup, from the pot or oven…), and an active lifestyle. Considering your current symptoms of allergies or for prevention, following temorarily a vegan diet, might be very beneficial for you at the moment. Spices like ginger, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon or cumin fit well into your meals.

Have you ever heard of Trikatu?

Taken before a meal, the triple spice blend of ginger, black and long pepper stimulates your digestion, before eating and supports the removal of Ama (metabolic waste/toxins). Give it a try: before breakfast and/or lunch. Mix about a ¼ tsp of it with forest honey and drink a glass of warm water afterwards.

Are you working from home at the moment and can organise your time freely?

Try having two meals a day: How about a warm breakfast between 9 and 11 a.m. and lunch around 2 and 4 p.m.? Then fast until the next morning and relieve your body, digestion and metabolism, which benefits not only your allergies.

Have you got a bad attack of itchy eyes?

Take pads with rose water to stop the burning and scratching, or put cucumber slices or a cold cloth on your eyes. Do you know ayurvedic kajal? It is available colourless or for make-up. A special feature of it that it contains ghee and herbal extracts that refresh and soothe the eye.

Pollen remains outside.

Basically, it helps a lot if you keep your living area and especially your sleeping area pollen-free. You can comb out your hair well in the evening, or even better, wash it. Do not put worn clothes (especially outdoor clothes) in the bedroom and rather wipe off dust and change bed linen more often.

Long-term, an Ayurvedic therapy can help you with your allergy or hay fever so that you can enjoy the sun to the fullest right from the start of the next season.

I wish you good luck and a wonderful spring – Ariane