Do you want to do something for yourself and meet like-minded people? Individual or group workshops – at the end it is about you. Through the group energy and the active and indirect exchange with others it is sometimes easier to try something new, to go one or more steps further or just to pause.

On fix dates AriVeda (& friends) offer workshops for which you can register.

Highly recomendeD:

4 days workshop about  Yoga and Chakra-Balancing, May 2021 in Frankfurt/ Germany or 10 days Yoga therapy and Integrative Medicine, May 2021 at a beautiful retreat between Cologne and Frankfurt/ Germany .

Want your individual workshop? With friends, family, the team or the company?

Let’s do it according to your needs and wishes.

My range of services

Team building

Individually adapted to your needs (one-time, long-term, projects)

Personal development, lifestyle management, work-life balance and advanced training

AriVeda (&friends) workshops focusing on Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, TCM and other subjects.

Current workshops

2021, MAY 1st - 4th, in FRANKFURT. Language: English with translation in to German.

Yoga and Chakra balancing workshop for health and well being.

With daily yin-yoga classes and Chakra balancing, this workshop explores healing with Yoga and the chakra energy system.



2021, MAY 6th - 16th - near COCHEM (between Frankfurt and Cologne). Language: English with translation in to German.

Why do we get sick and how can we heal? This 100 hour Yoga course will explore health and disease through an understanding of the Yogic Chakra system. These energetic vortexes are connected to our physical body and the organs as well as impacting on our fundamental energy levels and psychology. 

Yoga provides not only a deep understanding of body, mind and emotions but also provides us with fantastic healing tools such as breath work, deep relaxation, Yin-Yoga Asana practice, guided meditation, nutrition, psychology and philosophy.
This course is certified by Yoga Alliance International.

2021, NOVEMBER 13th - 16th, in FRANKFURT. Language: English with translation in to German.

This Yoga workshop explores the relationship between Chakras and the planets, microcosm and macrocosm.

These relationships are not merely theoretical but give us a deeper understanding of human psychology, energetic and health imbalances which can be addressed through Yoga practice.