Do you give everything with a high performance? For this reason you earn a time out for body, mind and soul! See it as your duty towards yourself to do something for yourself. The outcome in the end will also benefit others.

AriVeda (& friends) has designed retreats on fix dates for which you simply need to register.

Individuality, the special setting and a holistic concept are key factors for a successful time-out for body, mind and soul.

  • personal
  • individual
  • holistic

A professional team and the specifically selected, comprehensive programme focusing on Ayurveda, yoga and meditation await you in special places.


Would you like a private time out? Alone, with friends or family? Let’s go! Let us plan your individual break.

Due to the current situation there are no retreats at the moment. Shortly we will announce the next dates here.

Requests for private retreats are possible at any time.